Angel Flight has several programs which aim to serve others through aviation based activities


angel flights

Working with medical professionals in childrens hospitals around Ireland, Angel Flight will provide FREE non-emergency transportation for children and families struggling getting to and from medical care.

We will use small multi engined light aircraft that can land in smaller airstrips around the country to ferry families to and from Hospitals in the larger cities.

We will also provide ongoing transport into Europe where more advanced treatment can be provided for children. The Irish Government does not currently fund transport costs for these treatments.



up lift

Medical professionals all agree that encouragement, care and fun all contribute to a childs recovery process from illness.

Angel Flight will run a program called "Up Lift" where we will bring children and families up for FREE awe inspiring flights around the beautiful island of Ireland, to encourage and let them know that we care.



young eagles

There are many underprivileged young people in Ireland who have a passion for aviation and learning but cannot afford the costs of getting involved and learning to fly.

Angel Flight will run a program called "Young Eagles" where we will train, mentor and encourage young people in the disciplines of aviation to set them on the road to a bright future.