Angel Flight seeks to provide FREE non-emergency transportation for children suffering with illness using light aircraft across Ireland and into Europe


Our Mission

There are NO major treatment centers in the west of Ireland meaning families having to travel anywhere up to 10 hours per day to receive treatment in cities such as Dublin or Cork. Using light aircraft, Angel Flight will provide FREE non-emergency transportation to families who need to travel long distances for regular medical treatment.

We also want to come alongside children and families who have been severely affected by illness to encourage, lift up and mentor using aviation based activities such as free sightseeing flights and education.

There is a great need for Angel Flight at this time and we foresee it being a huge benefit to these children and families who are already facing hard times without having to worry about long distance travel
— Parent of Child who attends Crumlin Childrens Hospital

Why angel flights service is needed

  • No major treatment centers in the West of Ireland; children's Neurology departments are based in Dublin
  • Despite Ireland's progression as a developed country, transport from the far West is still laborious and time consuming eg from Dingle, Co Kerry to Dublin is 4 hours by car and 6 hours by bus
  • After long car or bus journeys children arrive at clinics in no fit state for tests such as EEG's. Shorter journeys in aircraft will get them there quicker and in better shape
  • Encouragement, care and fun are a huge part of recovery for children; Angel Flight will provide uplifting aviation activities and services to families to help in this recovery process
  • The Government does not fund transport costs for families who need to travel for medical care
  • Families are having to turn down ongoing treatment in more advanced centers such as Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital in London as they can't afford the transport costs for multiple appointments
  • Regular scheduled airline services throughout the island of Ireland are being reduced and are increasingly cost prohibitive to use for families with sick children
  • There is an epidemic of directionless young people in Ireland who need guidance, mentorship and care to thrive. Aviation is an awe inspiring activity which provides an opportunity to encourage, guide and inspire young people